How to limit iPhone ad tracking

Hey, I heard about this on Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech podcast, and every iPhone owner needs to check it out.  Apple tracks your internet use across devices, and uses this information to deliver targeted advertising to you.  To limit (not disable) this feature, you need to follow these steps:

Go to Settings —> General —> About —> Advertising —> Select “Limit Ad Tracking" to ON

Note that this will not disable ad tracking, it merely limits it.  Currently this is the best that can be done.


This is the most advanced camera app I’ve seen on a smartphone to date.  Watch the demo at 0:25 to see something absolutely amazing.  With the promise of BB10 devices being available later this year, these are going to be ones to watch for.

iPhone 5 announcement coming June 11?

Apple announced the date for 2012’s WWDC (June 11-15) and the blogosphere is alight with rumours that the iPhone 5 will be announced during the keynote.

Along with any hardware announcements, should be news of an update to iOS itself.  I would LOVE to see some evolution of the stamp collection display that is iOS.  It looked so modern in 2007, and so dated today (for something really innovative, check out Windows Mobile Phone).

What I’d like to see in an iPhone 5:


-new formfactor

-lose the proprietary connector and go with microUSB like everyone else

-new interface for iOS

"One device to rule them all…"

In the “Welcome to my science-fiction future” department, here comes Ubuntu’s announcement that they will be developing a version of their linux distribution specifically designed to run on dual-core Android phones when docked, essentially turning them into full-featured desktop computers.

RIM releases Playbook OS2.0

Available now!  Update your Playbook and revel in the new features.

One novel function:  When bridged, you can use your Blackberry phone like a mouse.  That’s amazing!

hi pr3sence, my faja told me that in the next week or so, you'll be able to get some get some sort of upgrade for blackberry playbooks so that you can put android apps on it. can you confirm or deny? thx, the living.

Hi The Living,

Snap, Crackle, Pop was correct in this statement, at least as far as the RIM event from January 9, 2012 told us.

However, the android apps available will not be from the app store directly, but from a curated android app sub-section of Blackberry’s app world (much like Amazon’s App Store, or GetJar on your Kobo).

I’m not sure this is a bad thing though, curating does help to ensure a minimum quality of apps, and it does help to eliminate malware.

So, in short, I can confirm what Big D Kam claimed. 

Since I’m the proud owner of a Playbook now, I’m interested to see what new functionality 2.0 will bring.

Hope this helps,


iPad 3 announcement coming first week of March?

According to multiple sources on the web this morning (including The Verge, who’s story is linked here), the internet rumour mill is pretty convinced that Apple will announce the iPad 3 at an event sometime during the first week of March.

Apple’s iPhone business is larger than all of Microsoft, at least according to this Business Insider article:

"The iPhone did not exist five years ago. And now it’s bigger than a company that, 15 years ago, was dragged into court and threatened with forcible break-up because it had amassed an unassailable and unthinkably profitable monopoly."

Wow…who saw that coming?

Begs the question, is a product refresh imminent?  I could use a quad-core device with a retina display.  :D

Why RIM won’t be adopting Windows mobile phone

I have heard several times over the past week speculations that RIM might be either 1) considering offering Windows Mobile Phone on some of it’s handsets, or 2) Windows might be interested in acquiring RIM.

I doubt either of these will happen, for the following reasons:

Regarding point one:

RIM has drank it’s own Kool-Aid so deeply and for so long that it actually thinks it’s loss of market share is a short-term problem caused by uninformed consumers (and not because they are no longer offering competitive products).  They are convinced that the next iteration of the Blackberry OS will take the tech world by storm and return them to their former glory days (before the introduction of the iPhone in 2007).  They are so convinced of this that it is just not conceivable that they would be entertaining any OS on their phones other than the QNX-based BBX.  Also, since Microsoft has already made exclusive agreements with Nokia around customizations with future mobile OS offerings, does RIM think they would be able to compete with other manufacturer’s when the playing field is so uneven?  It seems they aren’t doing all that well right now, when they have exclusive rights to the OS they carry on their devices.

Regarding point two:

Why on earth would Microsoft want to acquire RIM, when it essentially bought Nokia’s mobile business for exclusive distribution of Windows Mobile Phone OS?  Competing against yourself is generally considered bad business practice. 

Playstation Vita augmented reality demo.  This is amazing!  Pre-orders available in Canada Feb 15, 2012

Gaming is getting more and more like the tech from the movie Minority Report, as evidenced by this video demoing Mass Effect 3 on XBox 360 with an attached Kinect.  The Kinect is able to utilize voice-commands for certain menu options, speeding up gameplay, and adding to the feeling of complete immersion in the action.  Check out this video for a game play demo taking advantage of the Kinect’s amazing abilities. 

ME3 will be one I buy for console, not for PC.

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